Cowboys/Seahawks Wild Card Game of the Year

With the way the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys played down the stretch of the season, I’m not sure either team deserves a spot in the playoffs. Nevertheless, one of these 9-7 NFC teams will be one step closer to the Super Bowl concluding Saturday’s game.

Seattle played most of the season without last year’s MVP Shaun Alexander and Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. Now both players are once again sharing the backfield, but the offense is yet to gel the way it did a season ago. The proof is in Seattle losing three of its last four games.

Dallas also struggled down the stretch losing three of its last four and it appears that voters may have been jumping the gun by putting Tony Romo in the Pro Bowl. After leading the Cowboys to a 4-1 record in his first five starts, Romo managed just two wins in his final five games. The Cowboys’ collapse wasn’t all Romo’s fault. The defense allowed their opponents to score an average of 33ppg in the final four games of the season. Perhaps, the struggling Seattle offense will help Dallas’ cause. Perhaps…

Dallas hasn’t won a playoff game since 1996. That seems crazy for a team which dominated the 90’s in my mind. If recent history and playoff experience are relevant factors, Seattle has the edge. These things probably would have been more pertinent last season when the Seahawks were 10-0 at home. This year, Seattle is just 5-3 at home and dropped its last two at Qwest Field.

Romo proved to be human down the stretch and his inexperience could be big factor. However, his ability to scramble and make plays will be a great asset. Seattle’s super star backfield hasn’t looked so super. The experience gained last season by playing in big playoff games will help, but I don’t know if these guys have spent enough time on the field this season to find their rhythm. Dallas’ defense was very solid early on so we know that it is capable, but it was terrible down the stretch. This is where our winning angle lies. Will Dallas defense step it up this week or will Seattle’s offense finally find its rhythm? Jeff Alexander has done his homework and he’s ready to deliver his 5 Star Wiseguy Wild Card Game of the Year. No handicapper has been better in the NFL this season, and Jeff Alexander will prove that he is your only choice for the NFL Playoffs as well. Start off your playoff winnings with Jeff Alexander’s huge Wild Card Game of the Year.